Tuesday, January 3

Emotional Intelligence Enables Success - 提高职场软实力

Emotional Intelligence 2.0
[中文I bought Emotional Intelligence 2.0 book probably due to a little social pressure - at least two corporate training instructors recommended it as "Gold Standard" for my career development.

I agree. To me, this book is a success-enabler. Every time when I read it, I can not help recalling several events in my career either success or failure, which in fact correlated with how well I handled my emotions.

The book has a single purpose -- "Increasing Your EQ". Well done! It's the first I've seen that actually shows you how to not only be
aware your emotion but also foster your emotional intelligence, rather than just explaining what it is. The book is filled with strategies to increase each of the 4 emotional intelligence skills: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management.

Next I like to share a few highlights and a 30-minute YouTube video interviewing the author - Travis Bradberry at the end:

Personal Improvement Plan

It has a self-contained, step-by-step, program that was customized to my score profile after I went online and used the included pass code to access an emotional intelligence test. I learned which areas where holding me back and which of the book's 66 strategies would increase my emotional intelligence the most.

Storytelling Style

The authors use excellent anecdotes to illustrate various concepts. Some of the information on emotional intelligence and job title (e.g. CEOs have the lowest EQs in the workforce, on average), is very revealing. My favorite anecdote in the book is the riveting story of a surfer who survives a run in with a 5,000 pound great white, by using his emotional intelligence.

Tip: Better to Get Paperback not Kindle

You don't get a code for online tests directly in the kindle version but via a separate email from Amazon. It still works but is not convenient. Plus, you can mark your score on the book to track you progress.

Overall, I definitely recommend this book, especially for other young people trying to be successful at work. I wish I had read it when I was in high school. 

买了这本《情绪智力 2.0》 的书主要是因为今年至少两位企业培训师向我推荐,说它是”职场进阶金典“。


本书的主旨是“提高你的情商 (EQ)”。它做到了!本书不仅仅是让你理解什么是情绪智力更重要的是教你如何培养提高 - 通过网上跟踪测验来制定 一个适合你自己的挺高策略。

  • 通过网上的自我测试制定 一 套适合你自己的挺高策略
  • 简洁生动的文风 让本书通俗易懂
4 - 831 - 5