Tuesday, May 23

The Best Baseball Bat for 7U and 8U Coach Pitching

The "Best Bat" may be a misnomer. Every year manufactures claim their new model is the best. Plus your boy grows, too - what best today may not be the best tomorrow. So the Best Bat that I share today is based on my son's experience of three different bats (at least used for one season) for 7 to 8 year-old age (Coach Pitching, big barrel) only.

Best - Marucci Cat 7 Junior Big Barrel

This actually his third & current bat (27" / 17oz, 2-3/4" barrel). We noticed this bat from a well-hit opposing team last year.  Its white color made it so outstanding from other popular colors (black, green, and red). My son borrowed from his teammate and hit an in-field home run in a game. This made my mind to buy it for him, even though he already has two

Friday, May 5

Our 2nd Pinewood Derby Car Working Tips - 童子军松木赛车 之二

Pine Wood Derby CarIt's his 2nd Pinewood Derby Car season, and we want to try something different this year. Surprisingly, our new strategy worked ! My son's car won the 2nd place in speed contest. 😏 
Just like to share a few tips here. Again, it may or may not work for your case, but just to inspire you to try something differently.

Let him do it

Looked back, I felt that I did more than I should've done for him last
year. Probably OK for the first car. This year I promised myself - let

Saturday, April 8

little bets - 大突破 源于 小尝试

Little Bets: How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries
一个企业在规划自己的产品和战略时,是应该谋定而后动还是应该勇往直前、见招拆招?Peter Sims 的《Little Bets》一书在采访了从乔布斯 (Steve Jobs) 的苹果、皮克斯 (Pixar) 到脱口秀喜剧演员克里斯·洛克(Chris Rock) 等200多名各个领域的成功人士,最终得到了一个结论:合二为一最有效

企业规划从“拍拍脑袋”阶段到“规划战略”阶段,无疑是一个飞跃。但 Sims 指出,这一趋势近来就走火入魔的趋势。能够为未来做准备和计划固然重要,但如果坚信准备和计划可以规避所有的不确定性就太过极端了。


Friday, March 3

Easy Tips for Fishing with Your Kids - 孩子钓鱼窍门

my son's first catch bluegill in March 2015 near our community pondAfter reading the benefit of fishing with your kids: staying away from xboxes & cell phoneslearning a new skill set, getting father-son time, I bet you want to give a try.  But how, or how to get an easy first catch with your kids? 

There are many online tips, but probably not very practical. My post will share one easy & practical tip to fish with you kids in a pond. It works every single time. In fact, we even held a fishing party, and every kid caught a few. 

Please try it out and comment with your results :-)

Saturday, February 4

Damascus EDC Knife - Legendary Uniqueness: 大马士革随身刀

There is a Regular EDC knife, and there is a Damascus EDC knife!
Damascus EDC Knife
An EDC knife is meant for everyday carry. Our lives are different. What is the best EDC for me may not be the best EDC for you. However, you'e never wrong with a Damascus EDC knife, which represents outstanding uniqueness, supreme quality, and rich history.

The Legendary Damascus Steel

Like the stripes of a wild animal, the laminated bands of a

Monday, January 16

"Never Eat Alone" - Networking Bible: 人脉与成功宝典

Never Eat Alone, Expanded and Updated: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a TimeIt's always a good sign when you're mentally exhausted after reading a book, and I felt that way after completing Never Eat Alone, each chapter contains a wealth of useful information. I've considered myself to be good with people and someone with strong interpersonal skills, but this book humbled me by showing me how much I can improve when it comes to the dreaded art of "networking".

Keith Ferrazzi provides practical and precise methods that can be done in everyday professional life in this book. The importance of connecting and the impact it has on our own success was clearly articulated. The "Connectors Hall of Fame" sections were value enough to read this book. One of the most poignant points was to focus on your strengths, not your

Friday, January 13

Troubleshooting "Radio Project" in ScienceWiz Kit- 矿石收音机调试

Crystal Radio projectPerhaps inspired by my recent post, many friends start building science projects of ScienceWiz / Inventions Kit with their kids,  However, they could not get the last project of "Building a Radio" work. 

Frankly, my son and I did not make it at our first attempt, either. Apparently, we are not alone. For example, this amazon reviewer complained it even though he "followed the instructions to a tee". This boy on YouTube was not able to get any sound even though he double checked everything. 

Almost gave up until I read this successful case with the

Tuesday, January 3

Emotional Intelligence Enables Success - 提高职场软实力

Emotional Intelligence 2.0
[中文I bought Emotional Intelligence 2.0 book probably due to a little social pressure - at least two corporate training instructors recommended it as "Gold Standard" for my career development.

I agree. To me, this book is a success-enabler. Every time when I read it, I can not help recalling several events in my career either success or failure, which in fact correlated with how well I handled my emotions.

The book has a single purpose -- "Increasing Your EQ". Well done! It's the first I've seen that actually shows you how to not only be

Sunday, January 1

Practical LEGO Robot Kits for Kids (7+) - 实用机器人套件

The LEGO Technic Idea Book: Simple MachinesDid you make the similar mistake? My son loves Legos. To cultivate his engineering sense, I bought tons of different LEGO sets, City, The Mine, CreatorStar Wars, Technic etc. However, the problem is when the set is built, it is "dead" and becomes a display.

Luckily, I met a renowned robotics educatorCharles Chen, at my son's robotics camp and talked about this problem.  He gave me a simple solution for kids age 7-10 before using LEGO Mindstorms: