Monday, January 16

"Never Eat Alone" - Networking Bible: 人脉与成功宝典

Never Eat Alone, Expanded and Updated: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a TimeIt's always a good sign when you're mentally exhausted after reading a book, and I felt that way after completing Never Eat Alone, each chapter contains a wealth of useful information. I've considered myself to be good with people and someone with strong interpersonal skills, but this book humbled me by showing me how much I can improve when it comes to the dreaded art of "networking".

Keith Ferrazzi provides practical and precise methods that can be done in everyday professional life in this book. The importance of connecting and the impact it has on our own success was clearly articulated. The "Connectors Hall of Fame" sections were value enough to read this book. One of the most poignant points was to focus on your strengths, not your

Friday, January 13

Troubleshooting "Radio Project" in ScienceWiz Kit- 矿石收音机调试

Crystal Radio projectPerhaps inspired by my recent post, many friends start building science projects of ScienceWiz / Inventions Kit with their kids,  However, they could not get the last project of "Building a Radio" work. 

Frankly, my son and I did not make it at our first attempt, either. Apparently, we are not alone. For example, this amazon reviewer complained it even though he "followed the instructions to a tee". This boy on YouTube was not able to get any sound even though he double checked everything. 

Almost gave up until I read this successful case with the

Tuesday, January 3

Emotional Intelligence Enables Success - 提高职场软实力

Emotional Intelligence 2.0
[中文I bought Emotional Intelligence 2.0 book probably due to a little social pressure - at least two corporate training instructors recommended it as "Gold Standard" for my career development.

I agree. To me, this book is a success-enabler. Every time when I read it, I can not help recalling several events in my career either success or failure, which in fact correlated with how well I handled my emotions.

The book has a single purpose -- "Increasing Your EQ". Well done! It's the first I've seen that actually shows you how to not only be

Sunday, January 1

Practical LEGO Robot Kits for Kids (7+) - 实用机器人套件

The LEGO Technic Idea Book: Simple MachinesDid you make the similar mistake? My son loves Legos. To cultivate his engineering sense, I bought tons of different LEGO sets, City, The Mine, CreatorStar Wars, Technic etc. However, the problem is when the set is built, it is "dead" and becomes a display.

Luckily, I met a renowned robotics educatorCharles Chen, at my son's robotics camp and talked about this problem.  He gave me a simple solution for kids age 7-10 before using LEGO Mindstorms: