Thursday, December 15

Bose Bluetooth Speakers - Which one?

Bose SoundLink Mini IIWhat is the right Bose Bluetooth Speaker for me? I know that I will be never wrong having a Bose blue speaker. The question to me - Which is the Right one for me: Bose SoundLink Color II, Bose SoundLink III, or Bose SoundLink Mini II?

I did some research based on Amazon reviews and listened several audio test clips from YouTube. Long story short -  Bose SoundLink Mini is not the best one in terms of price and quality but offers the BEST COMBINATION of size, quality and price.

Before I show more details, I need to clarify two points. First, Bose is famous of sound quality. The difference among the listed three is really subtle. All Bose speakers offer superior sound - way better than other low end speakers under $80. Second, the right speaker also depends on what you need.

Bose SoundLink Mini II - BEST COMBINATION of size, quality and price

  1. Sound quality almost as great as SoundLink III plus good low-frequency base. Sound volume is a little lower than SoundLink III but no problem for indoor usage. The outdoor performance is still great but may be not as good as SoundLink III. Sound quality at its highest volume slight under SoundLink III.
  2. Nice compact size - you may easily to put it in your bag
  3. Moderate cost of $179 among the three
  4. 1.5 lbs a little heavier than Bose SoundLink Color II
  5. Only gray painted color - no other choices

Bose SoundLink IIIBose SoundLink III - Great for outdoor parties

  1. The best sound quality plus the largest sound volume - no sound fidelity loss at the highest volume (great for playing rock-n-roll). Great low-frequency base
  2. Biggest and heaviest (3 lbs) among the three - you may lose some mobility
  3. Highest price - $269
  4. Only gray painted color - no other choices

Bose SoundLink Color IIBose SoundLink Color II - Best in mobility with more color choices, Quite a personal device

  1. Good sound quality but not as great as the other two speakers
  2. Smallest size and lightest weight (1.2 lbs) among the three
  3. Lowest price - $129
  4. High volume performance slightly worse than the other two.