Thursday, December 1

The Shortest History of Europe - 《最短的欧洲史》, 值得一读

The Shortest History of Europe, John HirstThe Shortest History of Europe covers the sweep of European history in only 150 pages. Based on a series of lectures, John Hirst tells the story of what it means to be European. An easy read, highly recommended to all of us who live in what were once colonies, to remind us of our European heritage.

All pieces come together! As a non-native English speaker, it took me 1 week to finish this small book. This is not a regular “fact-based" text book. The author summarizes the whole European history in a few threads, makes the entire book very easy to read.

最近读了本《The Shortest History of Europe》。
言简意赅,短短150页 就梳理了欧洲史的脉络,从几个重要的角度讲述欧洲历史事件之间的必然和联系。这些角度包括政治,宗教,

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