Monday, December 26

How to Help Your Kid Start Ice Skating - 初学滑冰手记

Riedell Model 10 Boy's Ice Skates"Is ice skating the right sport for my kids; which one - Figure skating or Hockey? " Many parents asked these questions. My answer is simple - "Let them TRY but with a Right Starter Kit."

My son started it when he was 5. I listed some tips that we learned during his skating journey. Hopefully, your kids will avoid these rookie mistakes, pick it up easily, and have more fun! 😏

The tips are mainly for the beginners, typically for those who have not decided their skating style (figure vs hockey) yet

儿子5岁开始练习,在这儿收录了一点我们摸索的经验。本文主要针对滑冰初级阶段而且暂时还没定方向(花样 vs 冰球)的孩子们。长话短说 - 就是要有一套适合初学者Stater Kit。可以先用下面这套Stater Kit ($100)试试看;若孩子否喜欢或是有潜力,再投资正式设备。

Build Your Own Starter Kit


"You got to buy his own skates! Not an expensive pair, any new skates are way better than those dulled rentals." This was the first suggestion from my son's private coach. If not sure about the style, you may start with figure skating. I have bought Riedell Model 10 Boy's about $70 (here is the link for Girls's) for my son every year as he grows fast. Also bought Riedell 110RS $70 just for myself, so we can enjoy dad-and-son time!

N'Ice Caps Kids Bulky Thinsulate Waterproof Winter Snow Ski Glove With RidgesNot properly tightening the skates is the most common mistake that we saw in ice rinks. Please make sure you can stand stable before entering the rink, check these YouTube videos.


No ankle-cut socks, please. Any long or knee high socks should work.

DREAMY Winter Outdoor Windproof Cycling Glove Touchscreen Gloves for Smart PhoneGloves

Gloves are part of your required safety gear; basically any kinds are better than nothing. Besides thermal & impact protection, they prevent your fingers from cutting by other's blades when you fall. I did not buy bulky hockey gloves but Thinsulate Ski Gloves. Better price, waterproof, and more flexible. 
Recently, my son complained about his old ski gloves were too warm and sweaty, I replaced them with Outdoor Cycling Gloves (small size), which are more stylish and flexible but not waterproof (OK for him because he skates really well).

McDavid 6440 HEX Padded Sleeve

Knee & Elbow Pads

Again I did not go with hockey style but found some good substitutes. McDavid 6440 HEX Padded Sleeve: X-small size for his elbows and small size for his knees (age 5-8). These sleeves are low profile, super flexible, and thick impact cushion. In fact, I saw some hockey players use them under shin guards.


Waterproofis a must! Don't wear cotton sweater or blue jeans, you will get wet & cold very soon.

Coaching & Practicing

Better get a coach and take lessons no matter group lessons or private ones. Two reasons: (1) learn skate safely and quickly. The first lessons is probably all about how to fall safely; (2) know your kid's potential and help your kid decide figure or hockey style. 

Practice, practice, and practice. As a parent, you need to make it fun - very simple get your skates and skate with your kids! 

Remember you can pick up some basic skills on YouTube. For example, I learned T-stop and forward crossover from YouTube. You can do it, too!